Rihanna & Me

I’m a teacher by day. At the beginning of each school year (which, by the way is fast approaching – too fast – like a comet streaking through space!) I ask my students to write a composition about the highlight of their summer vacation. I’m sure you remember the drill from your own school days!

This year, I’m moved to write my own “What I Did This Summer”.

This summer I went to see Rihanna perform her LOUD concert at Kensington Oval (Bridgetown, Barbados).

It was a life-changing experience.

And I’m not talking about that incredible stage, the pyrotechnics, the multiple video screens, the props, Rihanna’s many costume changes, the music, or even Rihanna herself. Of course, all of that was awesome and I, like many others around me, spent much of her performance open-mouthed. And there were times when I honestly couldn’t believe I was there, seeing all of this, live.

As I sat there, two thoughts crossed my mind:

1. “Shoot! I wish someone would pay me millions of dollars to wuk-up on stage.” To anyone who knows me this is completely laughable since that just is not me!

2. “I’ve been marking time. Here I am, a skilled writer, sitting on a gold mine of talent – 13 novellas, one children’s book, three non-fiction books, a CD of performance poetry and countless writing awards under my belt and I’m still not reaching my fullest potential. I’m already 5 years past my personal goal of becoming an internationally-recognised, bestselling author!

And there’s Rihanna, living her dream, ignoring her (many) detractors and working hard (and she worked really hard that night!) to make it happen!

I was/am inspired.

Because of Rihanna, I’m writing seriously again (and I don’t just mean the letters to parents and reports to the Ministry of Education which have practically been the sum total of my creative writing for the last couple of years!)

Because of Rihanna, I’m working harder to get my work out there on the international market.

Because of Rihanna, I’m taking some risks and trusting that our Creator (I call Him Jah. Because when I call Him Jah He answers.) will safely guide me on this journey.
LOUD at Kensington Oval was well worth my 75 bucks. I experienced an unforgettable night and learned a life lesson in the process.

Thanks, Ri Ri!

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About Nailah I

Caribbean Passion is the Caribbean's first line of Romance novellas. We specialise in capturing the essence and passion of the Caribbean and our people. This is hot Romance for busy readers who have limited time to escape via a book. Want to learn more? Visit me at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/nailah
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8 Responses to Rihanna & Me

  1. Adonijah says:

    Sweet! Looking 4ward to many more posts!


  2. Linda Deane says:

    I got new respect fuh Rihanna… she got you writing again! More of… more of! Lx


    • Nailah I says:

      Yeah, you really need to check out the music. I play her song “Wait Your Turn” (from the Rated R disc) along with Steve Winwood’s Higher Love (and a few others!) just about every a.m. ! Thanks for commenting.


  3. Tammi says:

    You know what they say, “Music is Power”. Rihanna has caused a great many to let go of their inhibitions and just “Live Your Life”. Just aim for it. Can’t wait to read more…


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