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Attractive Forces Cover (April 2006)
In November 2012 I featured an interview with Eve Seymour, a new Caribbean writer of Erotica. Her rambunctious tale, Broken Rules puts her firmly in line to become the foremost Caribbean writer of Erotica. (Those of you who’ve read the book, please correct me if I’m wrong!)

Now, please allow me to introduce you to the work of Robert E. Sandiford, whom I consider the foremost Caribbean writer of Erotica at this time.

Robert E. is no newcomer on the local, regional and international scenes. Journalist, essayist, biographer, short story writer, novelist, video producer and editor extraordinaire, he is one of Barbados’s top contemporary writers.

To date he’s written and had published short story collections, essays, his memoirs, and (my favourite!) a series of erotic graphic novels: Attractive Forces, Stray Moonbeams and Great Moves.

Stray Moonbeams Cover

What I like best about these comic books is the writing; the way Robert uses ordinary language in extraordinary ways; the way the illustrations (which are fantastic!) and the script complement each other so perfectly.

This isn’t a formal review so I’m not going to go on and on. You want to know more? You’ll have to beg for, borrow (not mine! So don’t ask…) or buy them and discover for yourselves.

Click here: or go to Amazon or any of the other major online bookstores.

Great Moves Cover

If you’re in Barbados, go to The Book Place on Probyn Street in Bridgetown and get your copy. I think I bought their last copy of Stray Moonbeams, but I’m sure they’ve restocked by now. Drop them a line via to find out.

And, by the way, Intimacy 101: Rooms & Suites, a collection of erotic prose from which many of the comics stories were adapted, is due out in April so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Finally, I must add: Fans of erotic fiction, these books are a MUST-READ! (And yes, I’m shouting!)

Now, please return the favour…. What book(s) are you eager to shout about? Let me know soonest….

Nailah is founder of Caribbean Passion, the Caribbean’s premier Romance series. She is the author of the Romance novellas To Star, With Love, Someone To Watch Over Me, Second Time Around, and Cruising to Love. She is also the author of the YA novellas Colourblind, available on Amazon and Smashwords, and Pick of the Crop.

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9 Responses to More Erotica & Me

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I am gonna go look for his books … What I’m reading right now is a sci-fi called FIRST CONTACT. Now checking it out. I’ve been writing a lot more erotic poetry ….(when have I ever stopped, huh?) But I really didn’t know that Robert wrote erotica…. where’s my credit card!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Shakirah says:

    Definitely will add to my must read list!


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  4. adonijah says:

    Totally agree with the endorsement. I’ve read some of Robert’s erotica and it’s hard! (Pun intended). To any who may be surprised by my commenting on matters sexual, how do you think little Rastas come about?


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